ARENA grant success: CONSORT project

I’m very happy to announce that Gregor Verbic and I are part of the CONSORT project – CONsumer energy systems providing cost-effective grid suppORT.

We’ll be working with Sylvie Thiebaux Paul ScottEvan Franklin and others at Australian National University, Heather Lovell and Pip Watson at the University of Tasmania, and the great people at battery control software business Reposit Power and network provider TasNetworks.

In the three-year project, up to 40 batteries will be installed and monitored in the homes of residents of Bruny Island in Tasmania. As the ARENA’s project synopsis says: “The project will develop an innovative automated control platform and new payment structures that will enable consumers with battery systems to provide support services to a constrained electricity network.”

The Tas Networks media release sums up my role, which is to investigate “what tariff structures best reflect the value of energy storage to the networks and what incentives are required for customers to install and use batteries in the most beneficial way for both networks and customers.”

So a very exciting 3 years lie ahead!


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